About the Artist

Inspired by the natural beauty of her surroundings, artist Georgia Baker is passionate about painting wildlife and remote landscapes. Georgia currently resides in Bozeman, Montana, and has also spent time in Alaska and British Columbia.

Georgia strongly believes that we have the ability to be mindful and caring guardians of our planet. She maintains that we can make the choice to preserve our remaining wild spaces; she encourages us to make every effort to honor and respect wild animals, and to protect the lands on which they live.

“Georgia’s passion for the environment, wild places, and especially her connection with bears is exquisitely expressed through her rich, powerful and deeply engaging oil paintings. The energy of her paint handling and her skillful use of colour to create texture and aliveness make her paintings a gift to the bears she honours with them, as well as anyone lucky enough to have one of these beauties in their private collection.”

Liz Wiltzen - SFCA, CSPWC, SCA

50% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Sierra Club's Grizzly Recovery Campaign.